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Sound and practical advice

We empower you and your organization to make financial decisions with clarity and confidence.

Know where you are heading

Financial modeling

Know where you are heading

We offer forecasting tools and custom financial solutions that can help you and your organization make more practical and timely decisions.

We provide technical expertise combined with deep industry knowledge, structured methodologies and leading practices. Our solutions are robust, dynamic and flexible, yet simple and transparent enough to be easily transferred to your team and used on an ongoing basis.

Capture more value

Business analytics

Capture more value

A clear picture of your performance is buried within your lines of transactions, interactions, processes, behaviors and all the other data stored in your organization.

We can help you capitalize on powerful analytics to transform this data into insights, trends and patterns that will allow you to recognize the broader context and help you drive better decision-making.

Stay ahead of the curve

Finance strategy

Stay ahead of the curve

Technology is rapidly changing how organizations operate and manage risk. To be successful, you must make bold moves, unlock new sources of growth and have a clear and measurable strategic plan.

We can help you evaluate your finance initiatives with accuracy and confidence, and provide you with proven strategies, tools and methodologies to help you stay one step ahead of the game.

Who we help

We work with ambitious, forward-thinking organizations of all sizes and industries.

From startups to large public companies, from small business owners to senior executives, we are partners you can rely on every step of the way.

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What makes us different

We think differently. We have walked in your shoes as entrepreneurs, strategists and operators. We understand the challenges you face on a daily basis and know how to turn them into opportunities.

We have the expertise, technology and data mining capabilities to help you make better-informed decisions, foster your vision and drive the bottom-line results you need.

With us, it’s all about you

At kube consulting, we are much more than your everyday consultant. We are down-to-earth, pragmatic financial partners who understand your challenges and can help you alleviate them both efficiently and creatively.


We develop a collaborative action plan built around your unique needs and goals.


What we do, we do remarkably well. And we deliver results, time and time again.


Our solutions are simple, transferable and based on an agile and iterative approach.


We always look ahead to bring you unique insights and the most creative solutions.


We can provide quick turnarounds on short notice and are extremely responsive.


Our services and fee structure can adapt to both your business and economic reality.

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